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Folklore #2 | Music + Makers

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On Wednesday, June 1 Tempus Projects and Vessel Collective hosted the second Folklore, featuring interviews with a music journalist and the creators of Tampa Indie Flea. Ray Roa writes for Sub Ap!, Creative Loafing, and TBT* to name a few as well as working part-time at a local advertising agency. Seanissey Loughlin and Rosey Williams created an event that fosters the makers community and the ‘buy local’ movement. Each of the interviewees comes from a different background, but they’re cut from the same cloth because each is passionate about seeing their friends, neighbors, and Tampa as a whole flourish. About 40 of us listened to their personal histories, lessons they’ve learned, what they love about our city, and what they still hope to see happen in the next few years to our local culture. All proceeds of the event benefit Tempus Projects and its future programming.

This event also marked the 6th birthday of Vessel Collective. That’s 6 years of sharing the successes and struggles of artists, musicians, and creativists. We’re hosted more than a dozen community events under this moniker, including  ‘The Travelogues’ and now ‘Folklore’. Thanks for your support and we’d love to see you at the next events in August (The Travelogues) and September (Folklore).

Thank you to Ryan Seybold for capturing all of Folklore #2’s lovely angles. Keep creating and building, Tampa!




Travelogues – Cambodia and Burkina Faso

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On Friday, May 6 we heard stories from Travelogues veterans, Katie & Eric Turner of History Bike Tampa and Travelogues newbie, Danielle Calhoun of Black Sheep Bride. Katie and Eric have presented three times, with the first one being in 2013 about their visit together to Kazakhstan. We’ve also enjoyed stories of St. Augustine from the Turners, but on this night it was their honeymoon in Cambodia and Thailand. Katie and Eric play off of each other really well and are always so fun to hear from.



Danielle Calhoun shared stories and amazing photos of her trips to Haiti and the Dominican Republic and Burkina Faso, Africa. Her first trip to Burkina Faso changed the course of her life. From this trip came Black Sheep Bride, a wedding blog that features vendors that give back to their local communities and charities.



It was a fantastic night and we hope you enjoy hearing their stories below. Stay tuned for the next event on Friday, September 2 at Cafe Hey. Safe travels.

Katie & Eric Turner [Presentation Recording]

Danielle Calhoun [Presentation Recording]

Folklore #1 | Food + Art

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On Wednesday, March 2 magic took place. There were no playing cards and nobody was sawed in half, but magic happened in the form of community. A chef and a curator talked about their struggles, successes, hopes for Tampa, and more in front of a live audience in a local art gallery in Seminole Heights amongst over 40 people, one greyhound named Sabina, and several art installations by Brooklyn-based artist, Langdon Graves (the show by Graves was it’s own exhibition, but lended itself very well to Folklore).

The creator of Folklore is also the person behind its umbrella project, Vessel. Her name is Gina Moccio, and she is me. I am so proud and excited to have been able to dream up another project and see it come to fruition. I’m thankful to have partnered with Tempus Projects and have Folklore be a part of the gallery’s 2016 programming and I’m so excited to get to not only do interviews again, but to do them with people who I admire in the local food, music, and art community.

March 2nd’s Folklore heard stories from Chef Ferrell Alvarez of Rooster & the Till and Sarah Howard, Curator of Public Art and Social Practice at USF Institute for Research in Art. We received radio love from JoEllen Schilke on WMNF’s Art in Your Ear and from Lenora Lake at The Tampa Tribune. Thank you to everyone who attended Folklore and those who will come and see us in June for Folklore # 2 with Ray Roa, Rosey Williams, & Seanissey Loughlin. We’ll see you soon! In the meantime, check out photos from the event below by the wonderful Luis Gottardi and stay tuned for more photos by Trey Penton of Two Keys Press and audio from March 2nd’s interviews.

Follow us on Instagram here & tag photos from the event as well as legendary locals you think would make great interviewees at a future Folklore at #folkloretampa.
Chef Ferrell Alvarez – Folklore #1 [Interview Recording]


Sarah Howard – Folklore #1 [Interview Recording]



Photo by Trey Penton


Photo by Trey Penton


Photo by Trey Penton


Photo by Trey Penton


Photo by Trey Penton


The Travelogues are Back!

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The Travelogues made their comeback on Friday, Feb. 5 at Cafe Hey! We had three speakers, all Travelogues veterans. Our focus for the event was to reconnect with the travel community and return with more of what The Travelogues has always been good at– getting people together in a to share and hear stories.

We had James & Julie Branaman, Josh Sullivan, and Michael Blitch. James & Julie shared stories of road-tripping around California in a very conspicuous camper van; Josh shared hand-picked black & white photos and stories from his “52 Friends” project and trip where he couchsurfed through most of the U.S.; and Michael shared photos from his trip to historic cities in Turkey.

If you missed the event or you just love The Travelogues so much you want to hear these stories all over again (which of course you do!), the audio recording of each presentation is below, as well as a few stories we collected from attendees. The wonderful photos below are by Luis Gottardi (thanks, Luis!). For more photos, click here.

Stay tuned for the next Travelogue on Friday, May 6. We’ll have stories from veteran Travelogues speakers, Katie & Eric Turner and from new Travelogues speaker, Danielle Calhoun. For more info, click here.





James & Julie Branaman [Presentation Recording]

Josh Sullivan [Presentation Recording]

Michael Blitch [Presentation Recording]


Joshua Smith

“Went to Virginia in 2012 after graduating high school. Being inexperienced with traveling and from Florida, seeing rolling hills, the capitol, civil war battles and thrift shops totally alien was pretty important for me. That and staying in a forest for a few weeks was pretty nice.”


Matt Coplon

“Traveled in a giant black school bus this past summer with 9 other friends. On the hottest day of the trip, slept off the grid in rural S.C. at the bottom of a cement bowl. Woke up drenched in sweat, covered in mosquitoes, and a couple yards from a small pack of coyotes. It was the worst yet one of the best days of my life.”


Caroline Stadler

“Traveled to Italy this past summer with one of my friends. On our way back to the airport, our train hit a man and we ended up missing our flight. They got a flight back but I had to wait a day before going home and ended up in this small town outside of Milan.”


Valeriya Rozin

“Traveled to France in 2014 for an 11 day road trip. Did about 9 to 11 hours of walking each day. Have brunch of photos and funny stories, like almost getting arrested and having by car beat up by a passing bus driver.”


Alyssa Feliho

“In 2010, I joined my father on his first trip back to Cuba in 50 years. In his hometown, we met a 90-year-old woman who remembered him as a toddler walking around the block with his father. So many memories still preserved over all this time, and new ones created for me.”





Regis’ Words

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Screen shot 2013-01-15 at 4.47.49 PM

I met Regis Frey during a semester abroad in London in 2010. We were both studying at CAPA International and were taking the same British Pop Culture class. He very much admires Neil Gaiman and doodling robots, and during our semester-long trip, told me he brought an armful of his favorite books along with him because he knew that if he had them he would would be okay in the new world of unfamiliarity. He’s currently working on a Master’s in Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University in his hometown of Pittsburgh. Here are his words. Cheers.

How has graduate school been treating you?

Everyone I know in graduate school says that it is life consuming. Our program however is particularly bad (I think owing to the crunch heavy games industry). Our first semester is essentially a constant crunch: 14 hour days and working weekends to complete projects. It is good to have passed that. Luckily it is all about making things, so I love the work.

What’s the best thing you’ve learned so far in said school?

“Make your partner look good.” It was a rule from our improv class and it really helped me to turn my focus outwards. I can be egotistical at times so being able to subvert that and put the spotlight on someone else is really helpful.

What’s the most useless thing you’ve ever been told in life?

That you have to have a career path and/or some kind of plan. 

When was the last time you felt nervous?

I’m constantly nervous. Creatively, I fear that I’ll never be talented enough to make something really good or that the ideas will stop. I feel that this fear is amplified by the fact that I’m young but testimonials from my idols suggest it never gets any better even after the world deems you successful. Socially, I fear that other people won’t respect me which is a maturation of an earlier fear that they wouldn’t like me.

What was the last thing that made you happy?

My girlfriend randomly told me that she secretly kisses her arm sometimes. It was serendipitous since I do the same. Weirdos united.

The last thing that made you dissatisfied?

A bus passed by the bus stop without stopping.

What creation are you most proud of?

It varies between something recent that still has the sheen of accomplishment and, when the recent stuff loses its luster, older work that, despite all it’s failings, is a sign of some past accomplishment.

Currently I’m rather in love with my new branding:

securedownload gg

What is your favorite place about your hometown, Pittsburgh?

Flagstaff Hill. I have a bunch of different memories there from different periods in my life. It was a place I went to to be alone and a place I went to to be together.

What place would you like to visit the most?

That I haven’t been to? Iceland and Greenland intrigue me.

How would you say you stepped onto the Graphic Design path?

I wouldn’t say I’m on the graphic design path. My first involvement with art as a real interest came with stick figure battles in math class. Then lots of doodling throughout my school career. I’ve been lucky enough to have support in my art from my family and help in bringing my art onto the computer from the Internet (tutorials are amazing). But honestly I cut my way across many typical paths. My final project last semester was part game, part location based entertainment, and part skit. I coded, painted, wrote and acted. I’ve always done what I loved and tried things that sounded interesting to me without being worried about what path I was taking. [The dots connect in hindsight] But I just sort of blundered around making interesting stuff to get here.

What’s something you would like to accomplish in the New Year?

I’m trying to read 50 books (Inspired by Joe Hill.) Already 2.5 books in.

What are your strengths?

1. I’m passionate.
2.  I’m analytical and critical.
3. I believe magic can be created.

Who do you most admire and why?

I really admire Steve Jobs. While aspects of his personality were far from perfect, his confidence throughout an atypical path to success is inspiring to me. He was a man who loved to make things and cared deeply about that pursuit. When he was ousted from Apple he forged a new path, willing to learn how to do better. He returned to the company he founded better able to do what he loved: make great things.

Things To Tell You.

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*Vessel Update: Even though the honesty conversation took place in April, and nothing has been put up on the site since, that doesn’t mean Vessel isn’t currently super active! There’s an illustration and exhibition project that’s building itself up and a new submission topic called “99 Cent Dream” that is waiting for you to tell its story. I’ve messaged some friends to see if they’ve got an inkling/interest towards the topic and some have nodded enthusiastically. I can’t wait to read and share them on the website. The homepage lags behind the blog and the FB page, though I promise you there will be plenty of great material to read and see in the coming weeks. Also, a new inkblot is bound to come around soon. Thanks for your support and I hope you keep coming around!


‘Dayton to Daytona’ or Bust

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         I regret to inform that I did not spend Mother’s Day with my mother this year and instead drove to Daytona to speak with Mike Posner and 2AM Club at an event the University of Dayton in Ohio was hosting called ‘Dayton to Daytona.’ I had no idea what I was getting myself into. When I pulled up to the side of the hotel that the event was being held at I wondered who the sponsors would be. I found out immediately when I walked a few feet away from my car and was greeted with the smell of beer. The Budweiser banner on a wall near the large pool was confirmation. The bathrooms in the lobby were off limits and the desk clerk told me the closest alternative would be outside to the right. It had been five minutes and I was being ushered into a porta-potty. After a few minutes I decided that maybe I would have if I was clad in a swimsuit and not carrying equipment I might venture there, but since neither was the case I proceeded to use the gas stations’ restroom across the street.

         After admiring Maui Nix surf shop’s frontal display of sexism, I wandered to the side of the outdoor stage setup and was greeted by one of the event coordinators, Maggie. She was sweet and knew what I was doing there. Really? I thought I was blending in… Guess not. At the time, I was in the process of working out an interview with Say Anything’s Max Bemis and the publicist asked if I covered Daytona. Daytona? The beachy wasteland that was three hours away, Daytona? Of course I didn’t. But I would. And I did. Later 2AM Club would ask about me interviewing them and I would laugh and ask, ‘Do you really want to know?’ because I was eager to tell the story to someone. They laughed and said they were big fans, too. Vocalist Tyler Cordy said he had a mutual friend and vocalist Marc Griffin said, “I’m gonna write him down,” and proceeded to scrawl “Max Beamis” under number forty-seven on his list of fifty things that inspired him. The bottom line is that this big world of ours really isn’t that big at times and if it takes two and half interviews and an ocean of young adults holding green and pink plastic cups enjoying good music at a college concert to realize this, then so be it.