The Travelogues are Back!

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The Travelogues made their comeback on Friday, Feb. 5 at Cafe Hey! We had three speakers, all Travelogues veterans. Our focus for the event was to reconnect with the travel community and return with more of what The Travelogues has always been good at– getting people together in a to share and hear stories.

We had James & Julie Branaman, Josh Sullivan, and Michael Blitch. James & Julie shared stories of road-tripping around California in a very conspicuous camper van; Josh shared hand-picked black & white photos and stories from his “52 Friends” project and trip where he couchsurfed through most of the U.S.; and Michael shared photos from his trip to historic cities in Turkey.

If you missed the event or you just love The Travelogues so much you want to hear these stories all over again (which of course you do!), the audio recording of each presentation is below, as well as a few stories we collected from attendees. The wonderful photos below are by Luis Gottardi (thanks, Luis!). For more photos, click here.

Stay tuned for the next Travelogue on Friday, May 6. We’ll have stories from veteran Travelogues speakers, Katie & Eric Turner and from new Travelogues speaker, Danielle Calhoun. For more info, click here.





James & Julie Branaman [Presentation Recording]

Josh Sullivan [Presentation Recording]

Michael Blitch [Presentation Recording]


Joshua Smith

“Went to Virginia in 2012 after graduating high school. Being inexperienced with traveling and from Florida, seeing rolling hills, the capitol, civil war battles and thrift shops totally alien was pretty important for me. That and staying in a forest for a few weeks was pretty nice.”


Matt Coplon

“Traveled in a giant black school bus this past summer with 9 other friends. On the hottest day of the trip, slept off the grid in rural S.C. at the bottom of a cement bowl. Woke up drenched in sweat, covered in mosquitoes, and a couple yards from a small pack of coyotes. It was the worst yet one of the best days of my life.”


Caroline Stadler

“Traveled to Italy this past summer with one of my friends. On our way back to the airport, our train hit a man and we ended up missing our flight. They got a flight back but I had to wait a day before going home and ended up in this small town outside of Milan.”


Valeriya Rozin

“Traveled to France in 2014 for an 11 day road trip. Did about 9 to 11 hours of walking each day. Have brunch of photos and funny stories, like almost getting arrested and having by car beat up by a passing bus driver.”


Alyssa Feliho

“In 2010, I joined my father on his first trip back to Cuba in 50 years. In his hometown, we met a 90-year-old woman who remembered him as a toddler walking around the block with his father. So many memories still preserved over all this time, and new ones created for me.”





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