Travelogues – First Friday 8

In Event, The Travelogues on November 2, 2013 at 8:07 pm

There was a lot of excitement, because before Paris and Detroit stories, we were two Travelogues away from our first anniversary party on Fri. January 3. There was also some nervousness, because we were in a different space due to there being an art show booked for the same night as our Travelogue. However, the upside was that the room we were in was quieter, and more intimate for sharing stories, and we had both a great audience and lovely speakers. So, all in all, we did okay! Vince Kral has presented in a Travelogue before– the very first one, to be exact. In typical Vince fashion, he brought videos he had created and narrated over. He shared two videos, one touring around major areas of Paris, and the latter a short horror film he collaborated with other students on. He had his sweet daughters with him, so he had to leave early, which is unfortunately why I don’t have any photos of him at the Travelogue. Randy brought us a set of stories we couldn’t have imagined from Detroit. When you think of Detroit– do boxing, ruin porn, or hipster pub crawls come to mind? If not, you’ll definitely understand and be delighted after hearing the audio from his presentation below. We hope you enjoy Vince’s Paris and Randy’s Detroit.

See you on Fri. December 6 for Australia and Japan! If you’d like, please bring something you’ve purchased or found in a place you’ve visited for a little ‘Show and Tell’ session in December! Cheers!







Vince’s Art Portfolio
Randy’s Project, Frivolous Dry Goods

Vince Kral – “An American Artist in Paris” (videos) [Presentation Recording]

Randy Rosenthal – Detroit [Presentation Recording]

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