Devon’s Words

In Interview on August 13, 2013 at 8:46 pm


My first impression of Tampa-native, Devon was that she was very friendly and very beautiful. She was more than happy to help me hang a Travelogues poster in the shop she worked in, and even though she was a bit reluctant to agree to open herself up for an interview, I’m glad to present you today with her words.

What’s your first vintage-related memory (This is stemming from the facts that you work in a vintage clothing shop and run an Etsy shop where you sell vintage clothing.)

Combing the racks at a Salvation Army in West Palm Beach with my punk new best friend, Terra, freshman year of high school, 1994. She introduced me to punk and thrifting for vintage. Still BFF’s, today!

You mentioned living in New York for 13 years, what were you up to while you were there?

Yes, I needed to live there since forever – it was my dream, even as a little kid. I moved there at 18 from Jupiter, FL, did modeling, then art school, then photo assisting & wardrobe styling and assisting. I wanted to live a creative, art life and meet interesting people.



What made you decide to relocate back to Florida?

NYC photographer lifestyle bummer burnout.

What’s something you’d like to accomplish in the next year?

Make more money sounds awful, but true.

What’s something you admire about Tampa? How about something you’d like to change?

I love the unexpected things, the unexpected beautiful people. Everything here is so spread out and decentralized, it’s like a miracle to meet someone cool, or see something fabulous. The ugliness can distract from the beauty, but also really highlight it, as well. I love the bits of old Florida that shines amidst the generic sprawl. Mostly banal things like old signs, palm trees, sunsets, diners, motels, bungalow houses, cool cars. I love the Tampa Theatre and the Seminole Heights neighborhood. The people that come into my work can be pretty amazing, too!


What’s something you often have to remind yourself?

That even though I am poor financially, I am still successful.

What would you say you’re armed with today that you didn’t have or know in your early 20’s?

Secure within myself, my skin, my bones, my life choices.

Where would you like to take your passion for vintage?

Just to keep surprising myself and reveling in the delight of the unknown and known mysteries.

What kinds of sacrifices do you think you’ll have to make to get there?

Not sure, but up to this point, it has definitely been financial security and comfort.

What do you tell yourself when things get difficult?

Do something! This usually means go for a jog, play some piano, watch a movie, have a beer, meet a friend, call a friend or beloved family member, pet an animal, hold a baby, put on some favorite tunes, flip though a rad magazine at a bookstore, read a beloved book, indulge in a guilty pleasure, etc.

Finish these sentences:
I’m all about: pursuing my dreams, and being a decent human being.
I love to : be in love, also to find a discarded treasure.
I’m not a fan of: mindless, repetitive tasks and people that are energy vampires.
I hope to: achieve my dreams and always be in love ( with something or someone) and to avoid mindless repetitive tasks and energy vampires!

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