Travelogues – First Friday 5

In The Travelogues on August 7, 2013 at 12:38 pm

Friday, August 2nd brought us so much access to two amazing places we wouldn’t normally get to do much more than dream about: Antarctica and Kazakhstan. Michael Blitch shared beautiful photos and videos with us as he recounted a journey that was very cold, very exciting, and very full of wildlife. He described kayaking through icy water that was comparable to a margarita, and told us, “You always remember your first iceberg.” Katie Marie and Eric Turner made us laugh- especially when Eric described how odd tattoos were in the country, and that two men made his heart pound when they suddenly grabbed hold of him in a park only to check out his ink. Our speakers shared fantastic stories and really peaked our interest in two polar opposites in our world. Also, we held a lil ‘ol raffle, where one person would win a year’s subscription to National Geographic Traveler, and a the lovely couple, Heather and Doug were our winners! Thanks to all that participated. All proceeds are funneled directly back into making The Travelogues better each time. See you on September 6th for ‘On the Road’!







Michael Blitch – Exploring Antarctica [Presentation Recording]

Katie Marie and Eric Turner – Teaching and living in Kazakhstan [Presentation Recording]

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