Travelogues – First Friday 4

In Event, The Travelogues on July 16, 2013 at 2:38 pm

On Friday, July 12, many folks from the community gathered at Cafe Hey, as they do faithfully each month, to hear unique and exciting travel stories. This time it was New York all day, every day. We even had a specially designed poster for this month since our stories had the same theme.

Travelogues New York Stories Image
[Poster designed by Boston-based illustrator, Patt Kelley]

Also, it was our first speaker, Meredith Watt’s birthday! We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ sweetly and presented her with a slice of German Chocolate Cake. Each Travelogue is special in its own right, though what was different about this evening was the diversity of the stories that happened to be all about the same place. Each speaker had a different set of experiences to share, but what united them was the same, familiar backdrop: New York– a place most of us had experienced before and had accumulated our own personal stories. We did invite the audience to share a brief NY happening, to which three lovely folk obliged us. Check out our photos and audio below.

See you next time on Fri. August 2 for Antarctica and Kazakhstan!







crowd 1


Meredith Watt – Living and working in NY for 3 years and watching her neighborhood become gentrified [Presentation Recording]

Ellen Brown – Living in NY in 1956 (and audience stories) [Presentation Recording]

Gina Moccio – The successes and failures of an attempt to move to NY [Presentation Recording]

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