Travelogues – First Friday 3

In Event, The Travelogues on June 11, 2013 at 3:43 am

On Friday, June 7, James and Julie Branaman and Kristin Stigaard shared their stories with a crowd that I will refer to as ‘us’. We listened and asked questions. We all have stories of our own. When I started this series in January of this year I was looking for exactly what we’ve been able to replicate. Genuine experiences from genuine, local folks. The Branamans began their presentation about their artist-in-residency programs at Rocky Mountain National Park by cracking open cans of Dale’s Pale Ale and cheers-ing in “remembrance of ‘the porch'”– their huge, beautiful porch attached to the cabin they stayed in. They shared amazing photos of wildlife like moose, elk, and marmots. There was a photo of Julie walking in some light snow in flip-flops and a story about James confronting his fears in the dark, which turned out to be two deer instead of two mountain lions. Kristin shared photos of her mother’s side of her family and images from the markets and beaches of The Philippines. At fifteen years old in 2005, she enjoyed hanging out at the five-story mall and bonding with her cousins over good food and karaoke.

Some photos from the evening can be found below, as well as the entire audio recordings from each presentation. See you next month for New York Stories on July 5th.

kristin 1

kristin 2

jj 2


aud 5

aud 6

Kristin Stigaard – The Philippines [Presentation Recording]

James and Julie Branaman – Rocky Mountain and Everglades National Park (Part One – Artist-in-residency programs) [Presentation Recording]

James and Julie Branaman – Rocky Mountain and Everglades National Park (Part Two – Light-painting, wildlife) [Presentation Recording]

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