The Travelogues – First Friday 1

In Event, The Travelogues on April 10, 2013 at 3:12 am

Local travel enthusiasts gathered at Cafe Hey last Friday evening to hear firsthand accounts of Italy and Japan. Julie Garisto shared what it’s like to be first generation Italian-American (you don’t feel entirely like either one) and Victoria Hawley shared her experience of protesting the capture and harm done to dolphins in Taiji, Japan (Protesting is a rare and non-occurrence for Japanese and those that participate are likely to be shunned.)

What we learned:

1. Italians mix the sauce into the pasta right before it’s fully cooked, instead of fully cooking the pasta and then laying the sauce on top as we do.

2. There is a specific way that you begin dating someone, and the way that begins is by going out in a group first. If you go out as just the two of you instead and come home late, your traditional aunt may lock you out of the house.

3. Perfectly shaped fruit is cherished and often given as a gift in Japan, therefore you may be paying $50 for a perfectly shaped watermelon if you wander to the fruit shop rather than a more casual fruit stand.

4. Mount Fuji is one of the top ten most dangerous mountains to climb, so you’d better bring the right shoes or you could lose up to three toes– sorry, toenails.

P.S. The most apologies for the reasons why Julie’s photos are blacker than night. It’s difficult to take photos and click through a PowerPoint at the same time, however this is the first and last time this will happen. Please check out her slides that are however as bright as the sun in the photos.









Victoria Hawley – Japan [Presentation Recording]

Julie Garisto – Italy [Presentation Recording]

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