The Travelogues: Part Three

In Event, The Travelogues on January 21, 2013 at 4:22 pm

Friday, January 18th marked the third evening of The Travelogues! The series has been so wonderful because of its speakers that have been so giving of themselves and their travel experiences and the folks of the Tampa community that have welcomed the events and its goals with open arms. This Travelogue featured Sarah Gecan sharing stories of her family’s roots in Ireland and myself sharing my experiences as a student and intern in England. We also had a surprise presentation from Chris Davis, where he shared his experiences working with the country’s national parks and teaching English in Slovakia, to name a few. His message was that if you’re unhappy at your job or with where you live, there are other lives out in the world that you could explore and live; you should find a way to be happy. Sarah and Chris, you were great. Thank you Kaleisia Tea Lounge for hosting us!










See you Friday, Jan. 25 for the final Travelogue (for now) at Cafe Hey for France and L.A.!

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