The Travelogues: Part Two

In Event, The Travelogues on January 12, 2013 at 11:48 am

On Friday, Jan. 11th, downtown’s cozy Cafe Hey was packed to capacity with folks ready to hear stories from Nicole Kibert about her time in Macedonia volunteering in the Peace Corps and Ryan Cragun about his experiences as a missionary in Costa Rica. The cafe’s tight fit caused the audience to not only be close in proximity, but to also experience the stories together. Both Nicole and Ryan shared presentations that inspired the audience to respond and react freely. That evening, a friend told me she had found out the day before where she would be serving in the Peace Corps– Guatamala. I was so happy for her and so glad that she was pleased and excited about her placement. Also, of all the people in the room that could have sat next to Ryan, it was a woman who was from Costa Rica that confirmed with him things like, yes, the police in Costa Rica are still the same, being that they wear plain clothes, drive unmarked vehicles and follow a different protocol than police officers do in the United States. There were stunning, amazing stories from both presenters. Some very funny, and others very harsh. Overall, it was great fun and I’m pleased to present to you photos and the audio recordings of their presentations below. Take a listen.











Some travel stories attendees shared with us that evening:

1) Neil Costentino – Hanoi – December 1972.

2) Nicole Kibert – Mongolia – Outer Mongolia required three international flights, one interior flight, 1 Jeep ride and 1 speedboat ride. Upon arrival, we hiked in tall mountains and enjoyed a pristine lake. Best of all, we met reindeer herders who shared their way of life joyfully.

3) Matt Coplan – Tampa – I tend to pedal through downtown Tampa and Ybor three days a week. Although I’ve been able to travel quite a bit over the past 15 years, Tampa always avails the best, most interesting stories. In three sentences I’ve not enough space to detail Put your foot to the pedal, take a trip right outside this door (Cafe Hey) and keep your eyes and ears open. Enjoy.

See you next week at Kaleisia Tea Lounge!

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