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In Interview on February 13, 2011 at 9:02 pm

So, when did you get that personal assistant job?

Um, it was a friend of a friend. He’s actually works as a hairdresser and is a fashion designer. And um, yeah, a friend of mine– it’s through a long connection of friends, I’ll put it that way. But he’s got a three bedroom house and he lives alone and he told me that I could stay at his place for a couple weeks or whatever and that was our initial agreement. And then he asked me if I wanted to make a little cash being a personal assistant to him because he has so much going on between the two different businesses that uh, he could use a hand. I feel like a little part-time job being his personal assistant while I’m still out looking for work will be possible and we’ll see what will come of that.

That’s really great. I feel like um, that message that you sent the other day say saying that you know, things weren’t very easy in the past or so far you and that you didn’t know if you were going to be sticking around, but I mean that sounds like a really nice little turn around there.

Yeah, absolutely. And actually, funny story– yesterday, uh yesterday morning I was actually going to the bank to withdraw all of my money so I could afford to make it back to Colorado because I thought I was going to run out of money and be stranded here. So, I kind of went into panic mode and as I was pulling into the bank, my friend called me, Jenna, and said she may have an option. So, within the same day that I was looking to come back, I ended up you know, having a bedroom of my own, a bathroom of my own and [slight pause] having a part-time job. So, that was a complete turn around from almost desperation to being completely comfortable and having everything that I need.

That’s supreme. Okay, so where are you right now? Are you in between errands or?

Yeah, um I’ve been running around all over town trying to do his extra stuff on the side that he needs taken care of like right now I’m at Best Buy getting a laptop looked at while he’s at work. So, I’m at Best Buy with the laptop trying to get this fixed and uh, he just gave me a list of chores that he needed done that I’m going to be completing for him in return for not only housing, but he’s paying me hourly on top of that.

That’s pretty rad. Um, do you think it’s okay to reveal who it is, since he’s a designer?

Um, he’s actually just starting his business so you probably wouldn’t recognize him. But to be perfectly honest, I don’t even know his last name. But his first name’s Matthew. We just met yesterday, so we’re still kinda getting to know each other and since we jumped straight to business, we don’t, like he asked me what my last name was last night so he could you know, store my whole name in his phone. So, I mean we’re still in that beginning of a friendship and still learning about each other.

Yeah. Okay.

I can let you know later if you’d like.

Okay. That’d be great. Had you been to California before you moved there?


No? Okay.

Well, actually I’ve been to Monterrey but I was only like 13 years old so, I don’t really recall a whole lot of it.

Can you tell me about how you felt and what you were thinking when you reached the border– when you reached the state?

When I first reached California?

Yeah. On the day you left.

Uh, when I reached the California border I got really excited. It just felt like the beginning of a new frontier. Um, remember getting really irritated when I hit the Mojave desert. [Laughs] It’s like forty-five to fifty minutes of just straight desert.

What did you do on your first day there?

Um, on the first day that I pulled in I went to Whittier, California. That’s the first place I stopped, and I met up with a friend who’s from Colorado and we just kind of drove around town and then had a little bit of a party that night. Just had drinks [rest of sentence is inaudible].

From your experience the past week and a half, can you tell me what’s been really beautiful about being there?

What’s really beautiful about being in California?


Well, after a week and a half let’s see… I can’t speak for all of California, but where I’m located in Los Angeles, one, the weather is absolutely gorgeous. It’s probably consistently 60 degrees and over everyday. It’s just beautiful. The people are beautiful in the right areas if you know what I mean. But um, I guess I’d say the weather and the people of Los Angeles are very beautiful.

Um, do you think that, when you speak about the people do you think that they’re beautifully aesthetically or do you think that, you know, warm or–


–welcoming or something like that?

It really depends on the person. Um, I think there is an overall kind of attitude of the people of Los Angeles. However, every person is unique in their own way. Except, I don’t really know many people out here. They’re beautiful as in pleasing to the eye at first. Um, there’s always the less uh, pleasing such as you know, the less fortunate on the streets, but overall in the right areas, I mean it’s– L.A, just has, they just have an overload of very attractive people. Just very good looking people. And whether they’re beautiful on the inside, you know what I mean, or not I’m not sure because I don’t know them. But, um there are just, I don’t know, very good looking people in Los Angeles.

[Small laugh] How about what’s been awful in your experience since you’ve been in Los Angeles?

The traffic. [Laughs]

[Laughs] Yeah.

Yeah, that is by far the worst um, part of the experience so far. The second to that would be having to sleep in my truck.

Okay. Um, my next question was– I was going to ask you, weren’t you saying you were going to be staying on someone’s couch when you first got there. Why weren’t you staying on someone’s couch anymore? What happened with that?

The person– the gentleman, that was originally scheduled to [inaudible, but basically something like ‘accommodate me’] when I first came out um, a couple let’s see, it was probably maybe a week before I came out… He was living on unemployment at the time because work was really hard to find and about a week or two before I got out here, the unemployment was denied an extension and all the income just stopped abruptly. He couldn’t afford an apartment, he couldn’t afford his phone um, and he ended up having to move back to Colorado. So, that left me with no couch to sleep on and fortunately, the first couple of nights I got to stay with some friends at their friends’ houses. But um, once they went back to Colorado on Sunday, it was all truck from there. [Laughs]

Oh, okay. Um, have expectations or goals for yourself been changed or shifted?

Um, at one point in a time of desperation, they did change. I was actually planning on moving back to Colorado and working for a while and then going to Florida where I knew a lot more people in the industry. But, having experienced the change, that abrupt change that just happened yesterday, um, my goals are what they originally were. And it’s basically to take the industry one step at a time and just work my way into a comfortable position.

Okay. So, you’re working on getting that demo reel put together?

Yeah, demo reel is definitely my uh, main priority. But um, I’ve got to get head shots. But, I can’t do any of this until I get steady work to start saving some money because uh, right now it’s difficult to pay the bills. So.

Yeah. Definitely. Have you learned about that little, hold– wait one second. The way I worded this question is kind of funny. One second.


Okay. What have you learned about that little thing we call ‘reality’ over the past week and a half?

[Laughs] Um, I’m not a big fan of reality. I think um, I think being realistic, in the words of Will Smith, is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity. Um, but when reality kind of sets in, when you definitely realize the predicament that you’re in, um, it’s kind of unnerving. I guess. It’s um, I don’t know, when you think about things before you actually get in, you never, you know you can never picture something the way that it’s going to turn out. And before I came here I said, “Oh, I’ll just live in my truck for a while. No big deal,” you know. I didn’t really think much about it. But actually getting out here and physically unrolling a foam pad in the back of your truck–in a neighborhood with people walking around and stuff and, and… I don’t know, it’s very unnerving. And it was um, a lot of paranoia if that’s even a word. [Laughs]


It kind of sets in, because you realize you don’t have a safe place to go, really. And anybody at any moment can you know, walk up to you, put a gun to you and take everything that you own in a matter of seconds. So when, when reality really sets in, depending on your predicament, mine personally it was very unnerving.

Okay. My next question kind of pertains to the first sentence you said. Do you think ‘reality’ is something that individuals create for themselves or do you think it’s a guide we all live our lives around?

I think reality is– I personally think reality can be controlled. Um, I do believe that we all control our destiny, however, I believe that a person that has an, I guess openminded manner is the trick to it. I kind of believe that the universe itself has a way of working and you really choose your own path using the opportunities that the universe provides, if that makes sense. I hate to go a little too deep, but um I’m just a strong believer in that we are given choices for a reason and they are to determine the path that we travel in life. If that answers your question currently. [Laughs]

It does, of course. Okay, some of these questions I made without, um you know, obviously you know some of your situation has changed, so some of the questions I wrote down kind of don’t pertain, but I’ll ask anyway. Have your near-future plans changed since you’ve been exposed to the world outside of what you imagined and hoped you were walking into?

Um, the overall plan has not changed, no. The steps um, that it’s going to take to get there have changed. I never imagined that I’d be, you know, living in Long Beach. I never imagined that’d I’d be, you know, a personal assistant for a person as I’m trying to save money so I can get into L.A and start in the acting industry, so in that sense, yes. Things have definitely changed. Um, you know it’s just quite unexpected to be in this situation–


–but like I mentioned before, it’s an opportunity that calls for being openminded and that I’m taking to see where it may lead.

Okay. Um, my last question. What’s something you’ve learned about yourself recently?

Um, [laughs] I’ve learned that um, that I’d rather, I’d rather hear it from someone else ‘cause I hate you know, talking about myself. But I think I’ve got a certain amount of courage, I guess you could say. Let’s just– you know, a better way of putting that is that I’m– I’ve learned that I’m very determined. I’m very driven. Um, and that’s mainly based off of the reaction I get from others when I tell them the things that I’ve done within the last week or so, you know, such as sleeping in my truck, and just leaving Colorado on a whim, not having a plan and just getting out here. Some call it bravery, some call it [inaudible, though it’s probably something negative], some just say that I’m determined. Um, I’d like, I’d like to agree with the person that says I’m determined. [Laughs]

Yeah. I get what you mean abut not wanting to you know, talk about youself because it might sound kind of cocky or you know, full of yourself. But at the same time, you have to know who you are. So, I think it’s–


–[important] to, to have a good understanding of who you are and what you–

That’s true.

–and what you’re capable of. So…

Yeah. Well, uh–

Right on.

Yeah. I uh, know what I want and pretty much what’s necessary to get that. So, ultimately I’m chasing happiness.

I like that. “Chasing happiness.” Alright, sir. Well, thank you so very much.

Absolutely. Anytime. I’m always uh, willing to help and I think it’s kind of fun to uh, to be involved with this and what you’re moving forward with.

Thank you.

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