25 Gina Moccio

In I Feel That..., Submission on September 26, 2010 at 7:47 pm

I feel that London has shown me reality, and reality is super tough. Words about sunshine are nice, but won’t pay the bills that will pile up after graduation. I feel less certain about what I’m capable of and what the truth is than I did before I left Tampa. Reality is standing there, looking me in the face. I try to walk around it, but it’s not letting me around. I’ve got to answer to it. London makes me doubt myself. Cover my tattoos. Don’t make eye contact. Move along, not forward, but along. This is a huge city full of both people that have made their dreams come true and those that never got the chance. It’s expensive and unforgiving. But it’s also beautiful and diverse, and so big with so many people that there’s less room for pretension. I’ve enjoyed that bit. I just want to go head to head with London and prove myself to her and my self. I need to know that I’m capable of making it in this world. Not just in my world.

-Gina Moccio, London transplant from Tampa

  1. It’s disappointing it makes you want to cover your tattoos.. I can understand though.

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