21 Katelyn Soja

In I Feel That..., Submission on September 18, 2010 at 12:04 am

I feel that I need to stop – I should every once in a while at least – I don’t stop enough. I’m always doing something, going somewhere, being someone.. Sure, pushing myself as hard as I can go may get me far, but at what cost? The sum of my success isn’t just all the diligence I’ve had in my work – it’s also in the opportunities I’ve been given. I need to have more faith – trust that the opportunities will come; they’ll come. I don’t want to feel like if I’m not working on work that I’m wasting precious time.. That’s no way to live – rushing, pushing, scraping, squeezing every last drop of energy, every last drop of will. I’m one person, and I can’t go it alone all the time. Remember that, Soj. Remember you’re human – breathe – exhale – let it out – don’t hold it – you can’t hold onto it – can’t hold onto any of it – don’t fight – let it go – like sand through your fingers – like water – like crumbs – let time be intangible – let it go – let it fall – let it flow – feel love – feel life – feel beauty – don’t hold it – let it in – let it flow – wash over you – when it’s gone – breathe.

-Katelyn Soja; Fairport, New York

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