‘Dayton to Daytona’ or Bust

In Uncategorized on August 18, 2010 at 4:06 pm

         I regret to inform that I did not spend Mother’s Day with my mother this year and instead drove to Daytona to speak with Mike Posner and 2AM Club at an event the University of Dayton in Ohio was hosting called ‘Dayton to Daytona.’ I had no idea what I was getting myself into. When I pulled up to the side of the hotel that the event was being held at I wondered who the sponsors would be. I found out immediately when I walked a few feet away from my car and was greeted with the smell of beer. The Budweiser banner on a wall near the large pool was confirmation. The bathrooms in the lobby were off limits and the desk clerk told me the closest alternative would be outside to the right. It had been five minutes and I was being ushered into a porta-potty. After a few minutes I decided that maybe I would have if I was clad in a swimsuit and not carrying equipment I might venture there, but since neither was the case I proceeded to use the gas stations’ restroom across the street.

         After admiring Maui Nix surf shop’s frontal display of sexism, I wandered to the side of the outdoor stage setup and was greeted by one of the event coordinators, Maggie. She was sweet and knew what I was doing there. Really? I thought I was blending in… Guess not. At the time, I was in the process of working out an interview with Say Anything’s Max Bemis and the publicist asked if I covered Daytona. Daytona? The beachy wasteland that was three hours away, Daytona? Of course I didn’t. But I would. And I did. Later 2AM Club would ask about me interviewing them and I would laugh and ask, ‘Do you really want to know?’ because I was eager to tell the story to someone. They laughed and said they were big fans, too. Vocalist Tyler Cordy said he had a mutual friend and vocalist Marc Griffin said, “I’m gonna write him down,” and proceeded to scrawl “Max Beamis” under number forty-seven on his list of fifty things that inspired him. The bottom line is that this big world of ours really isn’t that big at times and if it takes two and half interviews and an ocean of young adults holding green and pink plastic cups enjoying good music at a college concert to realize this, then so be it.

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