Wild Sweet Orange

In Interview on August 17, 2010 at 4:29 am

“It’s as much about sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll
as it is about people and lives and history and houses”

Wild Sweet Orange.

       Preston Lovinggood, who sounds like a character in a movie such as Anchorman or Superbad, is the singer/guitar player for his band, Wild Sweet Orange out of Birmingham, Alabama. The band’s name alone gives you a rush of sunshine and deliciousness. Alabama is never really a state mentioned in the same sentence as ‘music’ or ‘happening’, though apparently there’s a lot more stirring up there. The drummer of Polyphonic Spree started a venue called Bottletree Café, and that venue along with another called Workplay have helped give local bands such as the Monarchs, Triceratops, RedHarp, and the Good Book of John a home to grow in. It used to be that if someone wanted to see a good show in that area they needed to go to Atlanta, but this has helped change things.

       Lovinggood was in theater as a child, both acting and musical. He listened to a singer/songwriter named Dennison Whitmer out of Philadelphia often, though music was something he always had in him. His sisters would have piano practice in the living room, and that would always have him making up his own melodies and words. In sixth grade he stopped participating in theater and tried putting a band together. “Passion, Emotion, and lyrics” have always been strung throughout his life.

       Writers like Walker Percy and Flannery O’conner have left a mark on him, and the other band members have taken something with them out of a myriad of literature also. Director, David Lynch, and anything having to do with suburbs, mystery, and people in general have always been interesting to Lovinggood. “Especially living in the suburbs when you’re young and dealing with family dysfunction. And then you see a Woody Allen movie or a Wes Anderson movie.” It shows you that it exists elsewhere, too. He stated that he read works that had an existential element to them.

       “We all believe there’s a truth and what we’re attempting to do as band is to get closer to that. Not to define it or know what’s right, but, it’s about the search and the search for truth. People are so important and life is so valuable. We play these instruments made out of matter in front of these people and we all have a history and a past- and they’re all colliding. That’s really special to me- that’s what rock n’ roll is about as much as it is about sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll; its about people and lives and history and houses.”

        As for hopes for the future, Lovinggood and his band set the bar high. “We really want to be the biggest band in the world. We wouldn’t be doing this if the goal wasn’t to be really big. But we’re not attached to the idea. If in 5 years we’re not huge, then fine. But we’re enjoying this. We enjoy playing music. I think we’re a good band and a lot of people would like us and I think we have something to say. So, I hope we sell tons of records and a lot of people come to our shows. But we’re going to just keep touring and doing our thing.”

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