The Ones To Blame

In Interview on August 17, 2010 at 4:22 am

Whiskey and wild women.
Ones to Blame.

       The Ones To Blame is a country band of females from Gainesville. Sue plays the mandolin, Emma is the guitarist, Jackie plays bass, and Jen is on drums. They started playing together 4 years ago, though they answered as if “4 years” was a question rather than their answer since they were a bit stunned it had been that long already. When asked what got them to start playing music, they answered “Loretta Lynn” in unison. Ones to Blame was meant to be a Loretta Lynn cover band, since Gainesville has a tradition during Halloween weekend where cover bands get together and play. Though, soon after getting together they were playing originals instead. Sue cites whiskey, cigarettes, wild women, and Loretta Lynn as her influences without much hesitation. Jackie’s were Morrissey, Johnny Cash, and Kate Bush. Emma said though she was inspired by all of those, she and the others were probably more inspired by each other. And drinking. “Yeah.” Jackie laughed and added, “We feel strongly about drinking” and then discussed a tattoo she has on her shoulder of a snake and an apple. It’s a reference to the Garden of Eden and the biblical idea that has been passed down that, “women are blamed for all the sins, all the pain, and all the trouble in the world. Our theme song is about that and says blame us- we can fucking take it. We’ve been taking it forever.” The theme song explains their name, though they didn’t play it at the festival.
Future goals for their music include “keeping together” by Sue and was intercepted with “world domination,” as added by Emma. “We’ll go where it takes us. We all have a tattoo that says, ‘let’s go’ in French.” Sue has a lock, and Emma and Jackie have a key. Which one does Jen have? “Oh, she’s our new drummer. We haven’t branded her yet. We don’t have the right kind of handcuffs,” promised Sue. “We’re going to hold her down and sit on her,” said Jackie with a laugh.

       Festival? Sue’s observations were that, “it’s hotter than a half-fucked fox in a forest fire.” What? Jackie asked if she made it up. “Liz Gotley was my inspiration behind that. She’ll be honored if you print that.”

       The drummer, Jen, was interviewed separately. I ran into her while heading out of the stage and press area. Guns N’ Roses and rebellion had her playing guitar by the time she was 11. Her first band was called “No more” and she was the sole female. After moving to Gainesville she started playing in an all female band called, “Sugardish”. That acquainted her with other female musicians in the area and further linked her to feminism. Outside influences to her come from the books that she reads. She listed Chomsky, Howard Zen, and Daniel Quinn; “everything from politics and philosophy to culture.” Other influences are “women out there doing stuff. I think it’s really important to have representation before we start critiquing each other. We need more ladies out there doing things so younger ladies can aspire for something besides the normal roles that are provided.”

       The festival? “I’m glad there’s another music festival in Gainesville. I don’t think it can hurt to have more music going on. [As for] the other fest, I like that it utilizes local businesses and venues, so it brings money into the local business community and I’m sure this is doing something similar and its bringing more music. Gainesville has become quite the music town.”


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