The Jealous Girlfriends

In Interview on August 17, 2010 at 3:27 am

       The Brooklyn based quartet, the Jealous Girlfriends, graced Tampa with their presence at the Orpheum on Feb. 1st. The members are Holly Miranda on vocals and guitar; Alex Lipsin on bass and keyboard; Mike Fadem on drums; and Josh Abbott with vocals and guitar. Miranda started out as a solo artist. During the process of Lipsin producing a record of hers, the two decided to start a band together. They released Comfortably uncomfortable in August of 05’. Abbott joined as the drummer in the beginning, but after proving to be a talented writer and guitar player, he resigned his drumming position to sing and play guitar. Fadem then became the drummer in place of Abbott.
       Each member brings not only their own ideas and sounds to the creation table, but “whenever somebody brings something to the band everybody just jumps all over it. It’s very collaborative,” said Abbott. Even though the band started out with two members, the more they write and play together today, the more they sound like the Jealous Girlfriends as a whole. Some of their combined influences include the Talking Heads, Nirvana, David Bowie, Sonic Youth, the Smiths, Jeff Buckley, and Stereo Love. Mike and Josh’s parents both played music, and Josh did “all the nerdy drum line stuff in high school”. Holly was given her first guitar from her grandmother, whom she smiled and called “Mima” at first. When asked who or what inspired her, her first answer was her grandmother, and then, “I don’t know. Josh,” with a laugh. At which Josh amusedly asked, “I inspired you??” Then she said, “Probably the first time hearing Jeff Buckley” and “people who discuss themselves really honestly have resonated with me.”
        One of the songs off of Comfortably is called “Lay around”, and their music often calls for exactly that; to lie down, listen, and gaze up. The band has a uniquely beautiful indie-blues sound. The sounds of their instruments are like incense burning and drifting all throughout the air; blending perfectly, in just the way they should. “We like to experiment and not be stuck on one thing,” stated Fadem.
       Miranda is from Detroit, Michigan; Abbott from outside of Boston, Massachusetts; Lipsin from the suburbs of Washington D.C; and Fadem from St. Louis, Missouri. Fadem mentioned they “were all drawn to New York because it’s the center for American music”. Brooklyn has been a popular place for music and culture for a long time, and the members speak well of it. Though, Miranda says it’s becoming harder to remain there because of things like $1800 one-bedroom apartments. Perhaps their locations may change, but hopefully not their music or the fact that they’re great people. It was my pleasure conversing with them and I hope they continue to make music. Long live the Jealous Girlfriends.

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