Ian Metzger of Dear And The Headlights

In Interview on August 17, 2010 at 4:18 am

Circus conversation and Tom Petty.
Ian Metzger of Dear And The Headlights

       Dear And The headlights, now touring in support of their second album, almost didn’t happen. Apparently the band searched two years for a proper bassist and drummer before front man Ian Metzger decided he was giving up and moving to California. After moving to Cali, and a few ‘musicians wanted’ posts on Craigslist, the band found their current drummer, Mark Kulvinskas, and Chuckie Duff, who had been recording their demos was enlisted to play bass. Metzger traveled to their home state of Arizona from California up to three times a month for shows for about seven months before he moved back. Now they’ve been signed to Equal Vision Records for a while and have been able to show everyone what they’re really capable of.

       It took them two years, if not longer for things to pick up. If the band members had a fall back plan, that plan would have been put into action a long time ago. “If I had a Plan B, I probably wouldn’t be doing this. It’s hard; you have to put everything you possibly have into it in order to get going. Then for a long time you don’t make any money and you play shows for ten people. You don’t really know if anybody gives a shit. I think Plan B’s are really dangerous if you’re really wanting to do plan A,” stated Metzger when asked what he thought he’d be doing if he weren’t a musician. He said he felt like he had a gift for playing music, and was capable of doing others things, though music was the most exciting thing he had going for him.

       Metzger grew up around a father who was a professional musician for 15 years, playing in several bands and professionally in Las Vegas. His mother was artistically creative, though wasn’t very musical, perhaps because of not trying. From his father being a drummer, he started off playing drums, until his set fell apart. He said he never wanted to be singer, and actually thought he “sucked at singing.” Though, because of the drum mishap, he learned how to play the acoustic guitar, started singing, and here we are.

       Influences within music included, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Leonard Cohen. “As for modern music, I really like the Walkmen, Flaming lips, Wilco, and Radiohead.” As for influences reaching outside of music, he added, “even just moments like this- whoever I meet or talk to; places that I see… anything you fill your mind with or the people you spend your time with.” A lot can be said about the character of this fellow, who cites honesty as the main component to his songwriting and life. “The only purpose I feel I have is to try to be as honest, forthright and full of integrity as possible. I understand you have to have circus conversations and things like that, but deep down you can connect further with people and that’s what makes it worthwhile for me.”

       When asked about Gainesville, which the Real Big Deal had been his first time there, he answered something short and sweet about it being the home of Tom Petty. Even though I have recently grown to love Petty, since I had meant about the festival, I asked again. He laughed and said, “I like it. I enjoy the laid back vibe that people are here to hang out and listen to some music, so I definitely really appreciate that about it.” The future for Dear and the headlights will reach far as long as the audience keeps asking for more. “I just hope we can keep doing this. I hope we can keep touring and playing music for as long as possible or as long as people want to hear it. As long as it’s still fun we’ll probably keep doing it.”

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