19 Spiridon Konofaos

In Lost, Submission on August 17, 2010 at 3:42 pm

An arm hangs out of the window as trees blur by, as time grins past, and it shakes in the rushing air like a dying leaf of a tree. Pale blue eyes groom the landscapes as they rush away, farther and farther from the gloomy concrete block homes of his present and past. His arm traps a raindrop as the clouds and thunder loom above, and he pulls his fingers back into the car, numb with cold yet burning with the fires of his blood reclaiming their fleshy vessels. He has never ridden this far from home before, but he had no choice. A new place, a new future. His parents drove; he was too young to have a say in these things, but….

In coming years, hurricanes came and went, lakes formed where streets once had been, and the boy’s relocation became a success. The black clouds kept spilling their crystal water. His sodden face was out-dazzled even the hidden stars. Time seemed to be never ending, forever, with bayous and alligators and marshlands…. Beauty was everywhere, where pollen sticks to your soles.

But the world was always changing. Drought follows excessive bounty. The boy’s health begins to fail. He is now a man and there are moments of intense beauty that still bring tears to his eyes, but not in the same way, softer. In his hand he holds a contraption that he’s carried inside his pocket since he was a small boy, a pendulum—it has taken his whole life to acknowledge its reality. It flashes in the sunlight as gravity pulls it one way and it almost seems to stall before it rushes back into shadows and back again into the light, until he puts it back into his pocket.

-Spiridon Konofaos, Tampa

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