Rosalie’s Words

In Interview on August 17, 2010 at 3:39 pm

Rosalie Arnone.

Illustration by Jenyffer Maria

What was the first thing you wanted to be when you grew up? An artist.

What kind of artist? Uh… [laughs] What kind of artist? Well, I was more like, 9, not 9, 5. I liked to draw and I was good at it, I guess for my age. Just drawing and painting and stuff like that. And then once I started to do high school art classes and stuff, I kind of lost interest because– when you have to do art, like when they’re making you do it, I lose interest in it. I don’t want to be told what to draw, you know? It’s kind of complicated, but. So yeah, I don’t really have any interest in it. When I was in the fourth grade I won an art show, well I didn’t really win it, my picture was just in the art show out of the whole school and I almost won a t-shirt design on third grade for the school’s mascot of a tiger. So yeah, I mean I enjoy doing it but don’t have any interest in doing it. Plus all artists are poor. [laughs] I’m just playin’.

What was the most recent thing you’ve wanted to be? Production assistant. And that- well, you remember I had plans to go out to California and do that training course and everything but some stuff happened and I started waiting around for that stuff. And it just never really went anywhere. I haven’t tried at all yet. But that’s probably what I’ll- if I do go to school or into any training program that’s what my goal is towards. But I’m just living away from home and working my jobs for now. And that’s it.

Do you only want to be a P.A or do you want to move up from there? Yeah, I mean that’s where you start though. That’s the entry-level position and you’ve gotta start somewhere.

Do you know where you want to end up in film? [long pause] Not really. Because I don’t really know what I like to do in those categories because there are so many of them. I think once I get some experience and see how everything is done then I will be able to make my decision on what I wanna work further towards.

When do you plan on starting? Maybe in the next year. The next year or two. I’ll be what, 22, 23?

Yeah. In a year or two.

What do you think would happen if you got into one of those entry-level positions and saw the different aspects of film and you weren’t into it at all? Like what would be my back-up plan, kind of?

Yeah. Is there another–Yes. I would want to own my own store. Either a bookstore or a record store. Or both, like Mojo. Because yeah, I either like being on a busy schedule with just lots of stuff to do which is probably what being a production assistant would be like or I’d just like to kick it back and do nothing all day. Not do nothing, but just you know take things at my own pace and do what I want with my own store; that kind of stuff. So, yes. Bookstore. Back-up.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned? [laughs] Um… I don’t know. That’s a very broad statement. I can say a lesson that’s I’ve learned. That, I guess good things come to those who wait. That’s one.

Is that a lesson that has reoccured to you or something recent? It’s recent. But um, that’s one and another thing is you know, you can’t always expect everything to turn out how you expected. Like the whole training program that I wanted to do. Something happened and now I’m still here. I thought I’d be there in November. But I never did.

Were you scared to go or were you ready to go? I was ready to go. But now I guess it’s time for me to move onto the next chapter of my life. And that’s about it. [laughs] I should probably look into that training program. Well, here’s the thing. I don’t have anymore money because now I’ve got an apartment here. And I have no money. So if I did want to go into something like that that I’d have to do it in Orlando.. but I think what Janie told me is that I could volunteer at NBC, the studio nearby. I haven’t looked into that yet but you know, I’m pacing myself. I should look into it though. I’m just happy with the two jobs that I have.

What’s your favorite thing about yourself? Um, respect for myself. You know, I know some people that I went to high school with and certain family members- like my cousin that has to have a boyfriend in order to feel good about herself and all it really does is just cause more problems for her. And she- in order for her to have a good time, she has to be drinking. And she just- you know, she’s my age and went to college, had a partial scholarship and was failing because she was going out and drinking and doing the whole “college experience,” which is bullshit, and um, for a long time she hadn’t had job and still doesn’t drive. It’s just really- just grow up, you know? What was the question again? It was-

What do you most appreciate about yourself? Oh what do I- yeah, and I appreciate that I realize how important that, even though I didn’t go to college right after high school I’m glad that I can hold two stable jobs, pay for my own home, and a car and bills and everything. I’m glad that I can have a good time without drinking and think that I can find happiness in the future and have no doubt myself. But and you know, some of my high school friends I mean, I never talked to them after graduation because they were just there for the time being. High school was like such a– I was in chains, man and my life hadn’t even started yet. So, yeah. They were just like ‘oh, we need to be happy’ and I knew that wasn’t, this was just the lowest part of my life and some kids when they’re in school and stuff they have to find every possible way, like, sometimes that’s the highlight of their life. Their youth and everything. But I don’t really see it that way for me. I mean yeah, I can still have a good time but there’s so much more to look forward to and I’m glad that I can realize that. Does that make sense?


Damn, that was a good answer. [laughs]

[laughs] Yes, it was.

Maybe I should have asked this in reverse, but is there anything that you wish you could change or something that you don’t exactly appreciate about yourself? Um.. if I could change something about myself… Um, I would probably, I don’t mean to sound cocky or anything but I wouldn’t change anything. Like, back on school again, yeah, I was a weird kid and wore a lot of black and all that shit and never talked to anyone and was really shy and all that stuff. Um, and I wouldn’t change it because if I were any different way back then it would affect the way that I am now. So, and I would say maybe I would have tried harder in high school to get better grades and stuff, but I mean again, that means I would have been trying to get into a college and I never wanted to do that. And I like where I am now. So, no. I wouldn’t change anything. And my outlooks on life, or my opinions, I think it’s all good for me.

The thing about that is that in order to change, you have to realize that negative thing is there and once you change that you’re gonna just find something else to want to change so you’re really just swapping out this for that. It’s like trading, ‘I’ll give you this for that.’ It’s really the same thing anyways.

[ Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” plays in the background on the radio]

Can you tell me when you became so interested in Buster Keaton? I actually have the article. I bought a magazine… [rustles through a bookshelf a pulls out a magazine with Pet Shop Boys on the cover] … this was like, the last month or something of high school and since I was in the boom boom classes, you know of course we didn’t do anything except watch movies so I’d bring magazines to read. And I was reading this article on him 75 years after his death or something and it had a picture of him that was just like, almost like, pierced my soul. I was like, how is that guy a comedian? That picture is and it doesn’t look like it was taken 80 something years ago. It looks like it’s just a black and white photo shoot from like a couple years ago. I don’t know, it just like, struck me. And then you know I read the article on him and I was just like, captivated by this little article, they were talking about the general and some of his other films and i just like, whats the word, was enthralled with it. and that picture just like, I don’t know. And I’m not talking about like oh because he’s so good looking or something it’s just like a really sad picture kind of. I think thats what kind of did it for me. And thats one of my favorite pictures. A picture can say a thousand words and I think that is one of them. It’s one of my favorite ones.

Do you say ‘boom boom’ classes like-Remedial classes. [laughs] I was in boom boom classes with all the football players because they had to keep their GPA above a “C” to be on the football. But yeah, that’s where all the dumb kids went. Well, I don’t mean dumb kids… yeah, pretty much all the dumb kids.

Why were you there? I really didn’t have any motivation. I guess I could’ve done it with reading- actually no, the main reason I was in all those classes was, I can’t believe I forgot this, was the FCAT. The FCAT really screwed up a lot of my high school career. I kept failing the reading part for some reason which is retarded because I suck at math. That’s why I was in remedial math. I think I was in regular reading, but I couldn’t pass it on the test. I had to take all these FCAT prep classes until my last semester and then I finally passed it. I don’t know why- I couldn’t really focus on other things. I had to take it easy until I passed. I couldn’t begin any other challenge until I passed this statewide test. They need to stop doing that.

Back to Buster, what is it about him that you appreciate? Sorry I keep using that word. If you’re able to watch a movie without sound like without hearing people talk and you can understand the whole thing I think that’s an art. And it is because you’re not using words. I’m surprised that some people haven’t actually still made silent movies. I have tons of books up there on him. He’d star in it and he’d direct it and all that stuff. It was interesting to see how he would film it. For an example the clown car; it’s a little thing and like a hundred people come out of it. What they would do is tape off one side of the film and film it through and then back it up and tape the other side off so that it was filmed two different times but using the same film. And he was also an acrobat and would sacrifice his body for a lame joke. But that’s pretty much it.

If you could ask him or tell him anything, what would it be? I have no idea. I’ve never really been into- I know it seems weird but I’ve never been into meeting people that I appreciate. My brother would always ask me like, when I was younger because I was obsessed with The Cure, ‘what would you do if Robert Smith walked in the door right now?’ I was like, to be honest with you I don’t really care. What would I say? ‘I like your music. It’s great.’ [laughs] I don’t know. But yeah, it’d be the same thing for him. I’d be like, ‘oh you’re really talented.’ ‘Great. Thanks.’ ‘You’re welcome. Bye.’ [laughs]

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