18 Katelyn Soja

In Lost, Submission on August 17, 2010 at 3:25 pm

Semper Fidelis

The Night brings me wine.
Merlot fills my glass while
he fills my mouth with a kiss.
I drink them in. Both are dry.

Chardonnay waits in the cellar
like I waited for you in our bed.
A bottle for each year. Forty-Nine
left collect dust. Merlot will do
for tonight. So will he.

Warmth floods my chest.
I drown my mind in Merlot.
He drowns me with words
that taste like Chardonnay.

He pours me onto our bed,
then pours himself into me.
The glow of headlights flow through
the window and across the ceiling.

Then they’re gone.

The Night leaves by morning.
Cold wrinkled sheets fill your side
of our bed. The warmth faded from
them like his taste from my mouth.

The Morning brings crisp sheets.
Your wedding band envelops my finger
and silence envelops our house – heavy like
the casket I buried your medals in.

-Katelyn Soja; Fairport, New york

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