17 Kristen Stigaard

In Lost, Submission on August 17, 2010 at 3:03 pm

Lost in your mind.
Thoughts running through.
Replaying the good and the bad.
Wondering about the future
and other things. Being trapped
in certain memories.

Lost in the music.
The song that plays exactly how you’re feeling.
The lyrics that sing your unconscious thoughts.
Being surrounded in a crowd
that’s all singing and dancing along to your favorite band.
Loving your life.
Remembering what you love and reliving
those experiences through your speakers.

Lost in love,
the idea, the fact, the dream, the feeling.
Wishing, hoping, wanting, having a special someone.
Admiring, enjoying, loving, snuggling
the warm feeling after a kiss.
Not caring about anything else in the world
but the person in your arms.

Lost in your job.
Work, work, work,
fun, amazing coworkers,
unforgettable experiences, opportunities, nights, days,
inside jokes, stuck at a desk, annoying phone calls
weird customers, messages unanswered,
lost in having so much to do.
Living a scheduled life with appreciation.
Do what you want.

Lost in stress.
Questioning everything,
doubting yourself, complaining, worrying,
Do not let things get to you.
Stress is a monster, a struggle. Natural
relaxation is not as hard as you think.

Lost in the media.
What’s in, what’s out.
Figuring out where you fit in.
Wondering why our news is so fucked up.
Wishing that things were actually peaceful.
So many issues to be covered, so little time.

Lost in drugs.
Smoking until all you can think about
is smoking more. High, reaching the sky.
Hallucination, infatuation, imagination, fascination,
thinking, perceiving, wondering why
you don’t feel like that at all times.
Being in a different world, mindset,
inspiration in different forms,
addiction, controlling, making sure
you aren’t lost in the back of a cop car.
Moderation, observation, association, legalization.

Lost with friends who know you,
hang out with you, advise you, inspire you.
Make you laugh, care, love, besties.
Making new friends, lost in the track
of time you spend together or drift apart.
Friends are the ones you can go to
no matter what happens they got you.

Lost in art, in any form, expression,
imagination, beautification,
colors of any shade, bright, gray, black, white
shadows, photographs, graffiti, writing, listening,
being lost in something you could never imagine
developing a love, a taste, an image.

Never really knowing.
Assuming, questioning, upsetting,
frustration. “Fuck my life.”

Losing your favorite thing,
something important, something needed.
Searching, waiting, wanting, finding.

What happens, what you find, what you’ve lost,
what you forget, what you miss, who you lose,
relevant, irrelevant, does it matter?

Get lost, go explore, try not to forget.
Just make reminders.

-Kristin Stigaard, St. Petersburg

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