9 Ashley Jackson

In Lost, Submission on August 17, 2010 at 12:16 pm

Deception Never Leads to Perfection
Sunday, February 28, 2010 at 2:28pm

I thought our plans did coincide,
You made your choice that fateful night.
Or was it just a drunk mistake
That caused my fragile world to break?

My faith in men vested in you,
Now what’s a naive girl to do?
When nothing’s as to me it seemed,
A different life than I had dreamed.

This gift I kept so close for you
Thinking that you’d give it too.
And now you can’t reciprocate?
It’s not your fault, I’m years too late.

For months you hid your guilt and shame,
Yet on myself I placed the blame.
Now “virginity” ‘s a dirty word,
The very thought of it absurd.

And “fate is like a rubber band”
But things have gotten out of hand.
There’s sadly nothing we can do
To undo what she did to you.

Well, did she feel as good as me?
A question of relativity.
But wait– I guess you wouldn’t know.
She got to you three months ago.

So, could it be your value’s gone?
It’s now this realization dawns.
You’re not the man I thought you were.
You gave my gift away to her?

I want so bad to say goodbye,
Or better yet, to watch YOU cry.
So detail, baby, every move,
Cause you’ve got NOTHING left to lose.

-Ashley Jackson, Orlando

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